Christian Worldview Film Festival

[gdlr_heading tag=”h2″ icon=”icon-film” font_weight=”bold” ]The Christian Worldview Film Festival[/gdlr_heading]
The Christian Worldview Film Festival was started in 2014 by Phillip through his non-profit ministry Media Talk 101 to encourage Christian Filmmakers in their Biblical worldview and the craft of filmmaking. The inaugural five day event featured 33 speakers who gave over 50 unique workshops on Christian filmmaking and presented 80 Christian films which played on six different screens. The week ended with an awards ceremony with 13 different awards and a total of $6500 in prizes. The Film Festival had 700 registered attendees for our first year and over 1000 for our second year. The third annual Festival was held March 14-19, 2016 at the Norris Conference Center in San Antonio, TX and plans are already underway for 2017.

This festival was made possible by a network of over 100 volunteers, event sponsors, vendors, and the hard work from the small staff at Media Talk 101. Please take a moment to watch the highlights video if you have not done so already.

The Filmmakers Guild had several keynote speakers including Stephen Kendrick, but another exciting part of this event is that we offered over 40 unique workshops that reach out to Christian filmmakers with a variety of interests and skill levels. We will had workshops for the beginners as well as intermediate and more experienced filmmakers.

You can learn more about the Christian Worldview Filmmakers Guild at