Christianity & Entertainment – Workbook


This stand-alone workbook, for ages 12 through adult, follows closely to the basic Media Talk 101 presentation to help you discover the Biblical principles that can inspire reasonable convictions. The big difference is that there is much more in the workbook than in the seminar. Learn how God’s word addresses the unique challenges we face today.

Parenting teens was a noble challenge long before society became surrounded by captivating screens. Navigating life and culture as a teen had plenty of difficulties and distractions before the game changing technology of the smartphone. The bottom line is that parents and teens are both in need of help!

The digital age emerged suddenly on the world’s timeline and has drastically changed the shape of culture. For the first time in the world's history, we have a generation that is faced with the overwhelming challenge of living with these new conduits of temptation and time wasters. Consequently, today’s entertainment has become one of the biggest stumbling blocks to spiritual growth and family health in our nation. Christians have been eager to keep up with the sweeping changes but have fallen far behind in Biblical wisdom. There is a growing need for media discernment in the light of following Jesus.


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